Tulku Tashee Tobgyal, born in 1989 at Tshampa (northernmost part of Bumthang valley) , is the fifth son of the seven siblings. He is recognized as the reincarnation of Shugdra Lopon Jamyang Tsundrue (1920 -1988). His self-recognition was aided primarily by HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Ani Kelzang, the then sister of Shugdra Lopon. When Ani Kelzang heard of the young trulku (when about five years old) claiming that he is the reincarnation of late Shugdra Lopon, Ani Kelzang approached and sought guidance from HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche who told her to take good care of the boy and that the boy will benefit future sentient beings.

Thereafter, since the tender age of seven, Trulku began his training on the basics of Buddhism at Shugdra, Bumthang under the tutelage of Ani Kelzang. After three years, when Trulku was ten years old, he was sent to Nimalung monastery in Chumey Bumthang to further enhance his training under the guidance of Lopon Thinley, the nephew of the previous Shugdra Lopon.

In 2004, Trulku then went to Shechen Monastery in Nepal from where he completed his diploma course on  Madhyamaka (Thadrel Mra Wai Wangchuk) in 2010, Bachelors Degree of Shastri (Pharchin Rabjam) in 2013 and Masters Degree of Acharya (Ngesang Lekshey Zoechang) in 2016.

After successfully attaining his masters degree, just like his eldest brother Khenpo Dawa Zangpo, Trulku Tashi Tobgay returned to Bhutan and started teaching at Thekchog Choeki Gatshel monastery at Satsam Chorten, Paro for the next four years. Then he went to teach at Shechen Orgyen Chodzong nunnery at Sisina under Thimphu district until  end of 2019.

Listen to Rinpoche’s chants here:

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