The Dhyana Zhi Tshok meditation sanctuary

At a time when rates of stress, anxiety, and depression continue to rise at an alarming rate, there is a pressing need for accessible, secular, mindfulness-based training programs that can be applied by a broad range of individuals in daily life. In this age of globalization and modern development, innumerable beings are drawn to the comforts of materialization where people risk even their lives and health while chasing material goals. However, while very obvious, many fail to notice the nature of fleeting times and the limited time that any living being has and it is most of the time too late when one finally realizes that he or she has wasted so much of the precious time.

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The Upcoming Event


Guru Rinpoche Long Life Empowerment

12 Noon Until 4 pm


Hayagriva Buddhist Centre
64 Bankisa Terrace
Kensington WA 6151

What to bring:

Vegetarian Lunch to share
No Alcohol

RSVP is required