``I can now finally connect with the right guru! The sessions made me calmer and more confident, I can now take charge of my mind and filter the thoughts.``- T. Chogyal, 39 (Teacher)
`` I got to learn many things which I was not aware of. Since learning the basic tools of meditation I will try to apply it here after in my day to day life``- Y. Chozom, 38
``This is my first meditation class and practice. It is helpful to self-calm and a peaceful mind``- S. Wangmo, 28 (Engineer)
``This class has taught me a lot on how to cope with anxiety. Free from stress and calming my mind from three kinds of thoughts. I am very thankful to all Rinpoches for providing these free sessions and hoping to join any new classes in the future. Thank you la.``- Y. Lhamo, 35
``It really helps with my bipolar disorder. The sessions helped me cope with stress and keep me calm. I wish to participate in the next batch too. Thank you so much la.``- T. Gyeltshen, 21
``The meditation class was simple and effective. It helped me develop awareness and made my mind better with calm. This resulted to a positive mindset towards my life``- K. Wangmo, 32 (Civil servant)