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Chung Tulku Rinpoche


Rinpoche is the third son among the seven sons born in the family and the second trulku among the five trulkus in the family. When Rinpoche was born, there were a lot of auspicious signs; rainbow in the sky (luminous sphere), the black river of Dhur village becoming milky, his umbilical cord covering him in the shape of a vajra (Dorji Ja-drum).

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Tulku Tashi Tobgyal


Tulku Tashi Tobgyal was born in 1989 at Tshampa (northernmost part of Bumthang valley) , Bhutan is the fifth of the seven siblings. He is recognized as the reincarnation of Shugdra Lopon Jamyang Tsundrue (1920 -1988). His self-recognition was aided primarily by HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche and Ani Kelzang, the then sister of Shugdra Lopon.

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Tulku Jamyang Nima


Tulku Jamyang Nima was born as Sonam Phuntsho in 1993 in Dhur (Northern Chokhor valley), Bumthang. He stayed with his parents until the age of 13 when he was sent to Kheng Tali under Zhemgang district of Bhutan to study basics of Buddhism for the next two years.

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