Anastasia Hoeng, Indonesia

“I met Rinpoche when He came to Jakarta late 2017 and that’s when I become his student.

Dhyana is Rinpoche’s initiative project borne out of his compassion, and because of this, many who participate in the activities benefited immensely. There are those who otherwise would be lost if it is not because of this. So, I’m sure it is safe to say we, in Indonesia, are grateful for Dhyana Zhitshok

We started on Feb 2021, since then Indo sangha do monthly tsethar (life-saving, mainly releasing fish and turtle who would be consume for their meat to their habitat), but this July we need to cancel this due to lockdown.

April, coincided with national heroine, R.A. Kartini, birth month, we donated reusable cloth menstrual pads to our disabled sisters in Precious One (organization who empowered the mute and deaf) and Rumah Cerebral Palsy (organization for Cerebral Palsy parents and patients with lower income).

Apart from the activities in Jakarta, Indonesia sangha also actively participate in Rinpoche’s virtual teachings.”

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