``Effective, really helps to gain peace mentally and emotionally. Thank you``- Tenzin D, 26 (Afternoon Batch 12)
``The meditation class really helped me in coping with stress. By just being, I've learnt to observe and accept things as they are. I'm hoping and looking forward to more such opportunities.<br /> Thank you a lot.``- Tashi, Z 28 (Batch 1)
``I hesitated in joining the classes as I am so busy and sitting still is challenging for me. Thank you Dhyana and Rinpoche for teaching me how to cope with my daily stress and finally learnt how to meditate. Best decision I have ever made.``- Sonam W, 36 (Morning Batch 11)
``Firstly i would like to thank Dhyana Zhitshok and Trulkus for having such class in Bhutan la. I enjoyed attending the meditation class although it was the first meditation class I have ever attended. By attending the class I think I have learned how to be calm and also flow along with the situation rather than reacting to the situations which are not under my control. I also learned the importance of being mindful and yes I am making good use of the little knowledge I gained.``- Yeozer D, 37 (Batch 16)
``This meditation course has opened my eyes and taken me in a self-discovery journey for which I am ever grateful to all the Rimpoches for imparting the knowledge. At least I now have a beginning to my meditation journey which I hope to grow deeper and know my nature of mind one fine day . Basic knowledge of water offering which is useful in everyone’s life has been taught in the course which is very practical too.``- Trishna G, 40 (Batch 15)
``From the very first session, which began with great introduction, the sessions built up gradually and provided a building block to intense learning. Sessions were positive and instructions were clear and easy to follow. It was a life changing experience.``- Gyeltshen W, 39 (Batch 12)

The Dhyana Meditation, Basic Level, is facilitated by Chung Tulku Rinpoche, Tashee Tobgyal Rinpoche and Jamyang Nima Rinpoche. All classes are thoughtfully planned, easy to understand and made simple. Objective is to enable and support all students how to handle stress in their daily life.

We are currently offering three seperate sessions ( morning, afternoon and evening), this seven days class is FREE. We are a Covid-19 compliant centre, hence are limited in capacity with student intake. To not disappoint anyone, registration is compulsory. Contact us today to enquire on our healing meditation program.

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