Current Plans and Activities

The project will be developed in 2 concurrent phases:

1. Developing program content and administrative support

  • In Thimphu, the Director will begin developing and delivering meditation programs at various existing venues, in order to refine the approach and content towards the target audience. This will include programs for Bhutanese youths, civil servants, business people and any drop-in practitioners.
  • To develop and refine the program content for international participants, the Director will offer meditation sessions and programs as part of a tour package offered by tour agents in the country.
  • The administration will be handled by a dedicated office based in Thimphu manned by full time staff support by interns as well as volunteer staff.

2. Developing the retreat villa infrastructure

The location of the Dhyana land is located in a 2 acres tranquil and lush lot at Damchen Wogma, Jizhigang Village in Paro. The development of the infrastructure will include:

o Eight retreat houses (each accommodating three individuals in separate rooms);
o Meditation rooms – simple and secular atmosphere – comfortable and well positioned;
o Supporting buildings – dining, kitchen, laundry and any other logistic services; and
o The entire structures will be built in an ecologically sustainable way, with modern amenities, and using traditional Bhutanese architectural styles.